100% Made in HK訂單滿 HK$800 即送貨上門
Proudly made in Sai Kung!
Proudly made in Sai Kung!
店主其實係西貢人, 雖然唔係原居民, 但係西貢生活就快20年了.
今次可以為西貢地區報 貢想 Vision Sai Kung
既大project 出一分力, 好開心呢!
下面大foamboard 係小店出品, 內圖有好多西貢地標, 全部都係西貢人心中有滿滿感情.
Changes are happening in every community, and there are many community stories waiting for you to explore, record, and spread. SK Local is a project empowering a group of Sai Kung locals to create a community map from the view of Sai Kung locals through exploration and discovery of the community.
活動日期 Date:7-15.2.2021
活動Activity 1: 社區印章 SK Local stamps
歡迎到各小店蓋社區印章Come and collect community stamps!
活動Activity 2: 網上展覽 Virtual Exhibition
For details, please visit Vsion Sai Kung fb page.///
  • Feb 10, 2021
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